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LFI - Novabot

Novabot Pre-Launch Deposit

Regular price $10.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $10.00 USD

The Deposit x Savings event offers you the best deal for the Novabot. By paying a $10 deposit,you will secure your spot before our official launch, and we will give you an additional $100 OFF.
Our team at Novabot will verify the deposit and send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please note that this website is the only legitimate site for placing your deposit. Without confirmation from the Novabot team, please do not place any deposit on other unknown platforms.

Cutting area Up to 1/4 Acre(1000m2 Up to 1/2 Acre(2000m2
Battery Capacity  24V  5AH 24V  7.5AH
Cutting width 22cm 22cm
Cutting height 20-70mm 20-70mm
Blade type 6 blades 6 blades
Max. Slope Up to 45% (23.5 Up to 45%(23.5
Safety monitoring Y Y
File Storage time 7days 30days
Charge time(est.) 90min 90min(fast charger)
Cutting area per charge 350m2 650m2
Noise Emission <60dB <60dB
Deminsion 610*400*340mm 610*400*340mm
Weight 10kg 10kg
Warranty (mower body) 3years 3years
Additional Blades  3 sets (6pcs/set) Additional Blades  5 sets
No perimeter cable needed Y Y
Planned cutting Route Y Y
360° Panoramic Camera Y Y
Night version Y Y
APP control Y Y
Multi zone Y(Infinite) Y(Infinite)
Obstacle Avoidance  Vision Vision
Brushless Motor 3 FOC BL  Motor 3 FOC BL  Motor
In-Wheel  Motor N N
Approaching radar Millimeter Radar Sensor Millimeter Radar Sensor
Cut to edge Y Y
GPS Anti-theft  Y Y
4G N N
Off-road tyres Y Y
Weather Proof Y Y
Waterproof Level IPX6 IPX6
Automatic charging Y Y